January 20, 2015

Brunner Responds to Snyder’s State of the State Address

Lawmaker calls for economic reforms benefiting working families

LANSING – State Representative Charles Brunner (D-Bay City), attended Gov. Rick Snyder’s State of the State Address with special guest Richard M. Finn, City Manager for the city of Bay City.

“It was a pleasure to have City Manager Richard Finn accompany me in Lansing for the annual State of the State address. Bay City is an excellent place to live and work due in part to the efforts of Richad Finn,” said Brunner.

In response to Gov. Rick Snyder’s State of the State Address, Rep. Brunner said that the Legislature needs to focus on making Michigan’s economy work for everyone. Snyder addressed the looming budget deficit, caused by massive tax breaks and failed incentives to big corporations. Coupled with tax increases on seniors and working families, Michigan’s recovery lags behind the rest of the nation.

“I appreciate the governor’s intent to streamline programs for Michigan’s most vulnerable populations, however, more efficient programs must not become another excuse to further reduce the services available to working families,” Brunner said. “We need to shift our priorities to helping all Michigan families succeed and I will encourage the governor and my colleagues in the Legislature to remember the hardworking families that have struggled over the past four years.”

Rep. Brunner reiterated his priorities of working for everyday people on several issues. Education funding is still down after it was significantly cut in 2011, and legislation to better regulate for-profit charter schools was left to die.

“I am truly disappointed that Gov. Snyder has not pledged his support for legislation to hold charter schools accountable for their performance and operations. The Bay City Academy, which is completely failing academically and financially, is a perfect example of the current system’s inability to govern charter schools,” Brunner said. “After the National Association of Charter School Authorizers ranked Michigan one of the worst states in the nation for oversight and accountability of charter schools, I expected the governor to embrace changes to make charter schools operate transparently and demonstrate successful academic outcomes.”

Finally, rather than continuing the failed approach of massive handouts to wealthy corporations, Rep. Brunner wants to increase support for entrepreneurs and the small businesses that truly drive our economy. “We’ve seen an emphasis on assisting large corporations at the expense of small businesses and the working families of Michigan,” Brunner said. “I remain committed to working with everyone in Lansing to find bipartisan solutions that benefit working families, entrepreneurs, seniors and students.”

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